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Must be a good news day!

Posted by andreamedaugh on February 29, 2012
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So this must be the good news day. Second story saying now is the time to buy a house. Look past national stats to your local market like Boulder which is improving.

I just read the article on msn in their money section that suggests now is the time to buy by Warren Buffet, Robert Shiller and even Donald Trump. Interest rates are so low and homes are reasonably priced meaning the investment in housing may be a better long term payoff. The key to buys seems to be the “organic” buyer who will live in the house for years. The other upside for investors is the “ripe and rising rental market”. They key is to look past national housing numbers to your local market where the recovery may have started. Here in Boulder we have been holding steady and weathered much of the major impact on housing. In January in Boulder the inventory for homes was down 20% from January of last year. Buyers have fewer houses to choose from so this should start to drive home prices up.




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